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Welcome to the WCPSS Wiki for the ACT Essay!

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Additional Resources and Guides 


1.  Educator's Guide to the ACT Writing Test booklet



2.  Developing the ACT Assessment Writing Test  booklet 



3.  a 12:57 minute video produced by Kaplan that addresses both the SAT vs. the ACT essays  



4.  a detailed tutorial on writing the ACT essay--great examples, clear details, and good graphic organizers.   This website is so comprehensive that teachers could literally assign students to review it in the place of direct instruction if that's the only option they have. 



5.  several sample student essays written by a current undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin.  This URL links to his blog which is current and active.  Students might find his confidence amusing as well as enjoy critiquing the sample ACT essays he claims he wrote himself.



6.  report (2005) conducted by a NCTE task force on the impact of the SAT and ACT timed writing tests.    






You may want to start your review of this wiki with the "General Information" page.  You will find the basic information about the essay in both written (handout) form and in a PowerPoint.  You will also find additional helpful information to orient you and your students to this aspect of the ACT Plus Writing test such as the scoring guidelines, the essay comments information, and test-taking tips (in two different formats). 


The "Sample Prompts" page provides thirteen (13) ACT essay prompts that either come from released ACTs or from professionally prepared materials.


The "Sample Lessons" page presents some teaching strategies teachers can use to help prepare students for the ACT essay, including a Build-Your-Own-Prompt Template.


The "Connections to ELA (English Language Arts)" and "Connections to Social Studies"  pages provide teaching ideas including some sample content-related prompts that teachers can use to reinforce the skills necessary for the ACT essay while teaching required content material.











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